Emergent Advisory has a proven track record providing advice to mining companies on the effective management of social and political risk.  Every company can do more to reduce their business risk and improve their reputation. 

Our strategy is built on three 3 core elements to deliver a lower risk and more profitable future for clients:

  • Open communications to foster transparency and build trust

  • Ensuring environmental performance is excellent

  • Making a measurable improvement in social outcomes near your operations.

With 15 years experience doing this work, and 30 years in the mining industry, David Paterson is one of only a few people in the world with his combination of corporate and frontline perspectives.

Emergent Advisory develops tailored solutions to each client’s unique circumstances to resolve conflicts and build their social license.With a wealth of global experience working with businesses facing difficult challenges, we know what works.


diagnostic workshop

Emergent Advisory offers clients a focussed 3 hour diagnostic workshop to define clearly the stakeholder and reputational challenges it is facing.

We will facilitate a process designed to understand the context of your business - operational, financial, political, social - and the relationship between the company and its most influential stakeholders.

Following the workshop, you will be provided with a diagnosis of your current situation and recommendation for an improvement plan.

Drawing upon experiences gained in a wide variety of businesses around the world, we will provide fresh insights and concrete steps towards an improved future.



Emergent Advisory will work with your key people involved in stakeholder relationships. Whether their focus is media, government, community or activist engagement, we will help to build the capacity of your team.

They will be provided withtructured mentoring, guidance and encouragement to move your company into a new place.

This training and mentoring can be provided to teams anywhere in the world via online video and audio tools, thereby significantly reducing the cost of providing training to frontline experts. It will be tailored to your peoples current capacity and the business’s needs.

Emergent Advisory is adept at managing cultural differences, even if it involves working through interpreters and translators.



Emergent Advisory offers CEOs, C-suite executive and Boards high level strategic counsel about the social and political problems that they face.

David Paterson brings 30 years of experience in the mining sectors, from more than 30 countries to his work. He has an economics degree and MBA from leading Australian universities and professional experience both from operational and corporate roles.

An economist by training he spent the early part of his career in a range of commercial and business analysis roles and spent time in Rio Tinto’s famed Business Evaluation Department.

He has complemented this with 15 years experience in a wide range of complex mining businesses in Australia, Mongolia and Zambia.

He is driven by a conviction that socio-political risks need to be addressed by mining companies with the same analytical rigour and focus as technical risks.


“You don’t get a great reputation from glossy CSR projects and philanthropy.  You need to make a positive impact on local communities.”