Emergent Advisory can help you mitigate social and political risk

Emergent Advisory will commence an engagement by seeking to understand your problem thoroughly. Most likely this will involve an Intensive 3 hour workshop which can be conducted in person, or remotely via video conference. Your reputation challenges will be throughly analysed and a written action plan provided shortly thereafter.

At the heart of our methodology, the first focus is to ensure that stakeholders are kept well informed, that systems are in place to ensure the environment is protected, and to examine opportunities to make an economic contribution to the area affected by your business.

Beyond this, there are a range of modules that might be selected to build a robust strategy to build a strong reputation.

These are:

  • Developing a media narrative

  • Measuring your social contribution

  • Preparing for crisis communications

  • Demonstrating environmental performance

  • Engaging in constructive advocacy

  • Engaging productively with government

  • Contributing to the local economy

  • Engaging strategically with activists

  • Harness the power of internal communications

Typically, a strategy will involve around 3 of these modules.

Emergent Advisory has a proven track record providing advice to mining companies, enabling them to effectively manage social and political risk.  Every company can do more to reduce their business risk and improve their reputation

With a wealth of global experience working with businesses facing difficult challenges, we know what works.

Our strategy is built on three core elements to deliver a lower risk and more profitable future for clients:

  • Open communications to foster transparency and build trust

  • Ensuring environmental performance is excellent

  • Making a measurable improvement in social outcomes near your operations.

With 15 years experience doing this work, and 30 years in the mining industry, David Paterson is one of only a few people in the world with his combination of corporate and frontline perspectives.

Emergent Advisory develops tailored solutions to your unique circumstances to resolve conflicts and build greater social licensing for your company. We provide a unique approach to suit your specific company needs and requirements.

The following methods can be used to develop a solution:


diagnostic workshop

Emergent Advisory offers clients an Intensive 3 hour Diagnostic Workshop.

This workshop helps to clearly define your current stakeholder and reputational positioning and challenges you could be facing - from the IP an lenses of Experts who know!

We will facilitate a process designed to understand the context of your business: operationally, financially, politically and socially. Including an examination of your company’s relationship with its’ most influential partners and stakeholders that impact brand power and profit margins.

Following this workshop, you will be provided with a detailed evaluation of your current situation and recommendations for an improvement plan to meet your specific company goals.

Drawing upon 30 years of experience gained in a wide variety of businesses around the world, we are equipped to provide fresh insights and concrete steps towards an improved future for your company.



Emergent Advisory will work with your key people involved in stakeholder relationships.

Whether their focus is:

  • media

  • government relations

  • community engagement

  • corporate affairs

  • crisis management

Emergent Advisory will increase the capacity of your team. They will be provided structured mentoring, guidance and encouragement to move your company into a better place.

This training and mentoring can be provided to teams anywhere in the world via online video and audio tools, thereby significantly reducing the cost of providing training to frontline experts. It will be tailored to your peoples current capacity and the business’s needs.



Emergent Advisory offers CEOs, C-suite executive and Boards high-level strategic counsel about the current and future social and political problems that they face.

Founder and Director of EA, David Paterson brings 30 years of experience in the mining sector from more than 30 countries to his work. He has an Economics degree and MBA from leading Australian universities and exposure in both operational and corporate leadership roles.

A trained Economist, David spent the early part of his career in a range of commercial and business analysis roles and spent considerable time in Rio Tinto’s Business Evaluation Department.

He has complemented this with 15 years experience in a wide range of complex mining businesses in Australia, Mongolia and Zambia. And is driven by a conviction that socio-political risks need to be addressed by mining companies with the same analytical rigour and focus as technical risks - before it is too late.


Corporate Communications

Emergent Advisory can improve the quality and focus of your corporate communications.

Whether it a speech for the CEO, media releases or working with an agency to prepare an annual report, we can deliver concise, focussed and strategic messaging to ensure that all stakeholders are clear about what your company stands for.

David Paterson has a demonstrated track record writing for publication, media interviews and conferences presenting.


“In order to get a great reputation a company needs to make measurable positive impact on local communities.”