David Paterson, Founder of Emergent Advisory

David Paterson, Founder of Emergent Advisory

Reputation Matters.

Some of the most challenging problems that mining companies face are social and political in nature. When conflict arises with communities, governments or key stakeholders, it can cause immense financial and reputational damage.

Dealing with this issues effectively is vital for your business. Handled poorly, it can threaten the very future of your business. Handled well, it can lead to an improved reputation, increased profitability and new opportunities for growth and expansion.

We know that superficial PR campaigns don’t work.

David Paterson founded Emergent Advisory based upon his experience addressing social and political risks on the frontline in more than 30 countries over 30 years in the mining industry.

Emergent Advisory provides advice on:

  • Assessing political risk

  • Creating local economic opportunities around operations

  • Identifying reputational risks

  • Improving your engagement with media outlets and telling your story better

  • Harnessing the advocacy of your workforce through internal communications

He has lived and worked on 4 continents, and held positions covering every part of the mining value chain from exploration to shipping. Over the last 15 years he has been deeply involved in complex social and political challenges in Australia, Mongolia and Zambia.

At its best, corporate affairs is not simply about positive media coverage, but rather building an enduring social license to operate. Open communications, world class environmental performance, creating local economic opportunities, and making a measurable improvement in social outcomes are central.

David has worked with numerous multi-billion dollar businesses and successfully implemented projects that have created tens of millions of dollars in shareholder wealth.

He has received coverage on television, radio, newspapers and social media. He has been interviewed on ABC Radio National, BBC Asia, Sky Business News and published in the Australian Financial Review, The Age and Mining Journal. He has been a guest lecturer at a range of leading business schools and a presenter at a range of high profile conferences.

Making a measurable social contribution is necessary for a sustainable and profitable mining business.